Charlotte & Nick’s Summer Wedding in Northamptonshire.

The Walnut Tree Inn, located in Blisworth, is a beautiful wedding venue located in the heart of Northamptonshire.

Becoming a wedding photographer for Northamptonshire and beyond, is a job like no other, in fact, I can’t even call it a job. It’s more like a way of life, I breathe photography and it’s on my mind 24/7. I’ve always expressed how every wedding is amazing, and I find with every wedding my love for photography grows even more. Charlotte & Nick’s Wedding day was perfect, was such a pleasure to capture, and again made me realise why I absolutely love what I do.

I met up with the future Mr & Mrs. Doherty before their big day to discuss everything in finer detail, and as soon as I entered their home I was made to feel very welcome. They both had a great sense of humour, were laid back, and so at ease at the whole thought of tying the knot. They were not sweating the small stuff and simply wanted everyone to have a great day, which was lovely to hear. I came away from their home looking forward to what the day would bring and I knew it would be something special.

The big day soon rolled around, and I arrived nice and early to capture the bridal prep at the Walnut Tree Inn, Blisworth. I had visited this venue in the past for various occasions, so knew the location rather well. The ladies were getting ready in one of the walnut tree hotel rooms upstairs, and as soon as I walked through the door, the banter began. I thought lads were bad, but even these ladies made me blush (Which isn’t that hard in all honesty), the things they were coming out with was hilarious, I would love to repeat what was said but I don’t think I dare! 

The morning flew by and before we all knew it we were heading to the Wedding ceremony which was held at the Cathedral, Northampton.

The Cathedral is such a beautiful church in Northampton, and absolutely huge inside, perfect for a large wedding. I captured the guest’s arrival, as well as Nicks, and everyone was soon heading into the Church, ready for the ceremony to begin.

Charlotte looked stunning in her wedding dress, and everyone around them looked so happy for the newly wedded pair. I did mention that the couple were laid back overall, but I have to admit this was the most nervous I would see Charlotte throughout the whole wedding day. I think it’s surprising sometimes how the pre-wedding nerves can affect people, but Nick, on the other hand, looked as cool as a cucumber from start to finish. 

After the ceremony wrapped up, group photographs were taken outside the church, and we then all headed back to the Walnut Tree Inn for the rest of the day.

This is the part when everyone let loose, and the celebrations began in all their glory. From the wedding breakfast to the speeches, to the first dance, it was all a bit of a blur and flew by so, so quickly.

There were parts of the day that will stay with me forever, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not (Charlotte you know what I mean, I have a certain image burnt into my retina!) but that’s the wonder of this line of work. You really never know what to expect, and something random can take place at any moment.

There were a couple of unexpected moments on the day, from the bouquet throw (not planned until the DJ announced it was happening, even Charlotte looked surprised. I’ve never seen a fight to the death over flowers, that was a first!) and there was even one guest that fell over on the dancefloor (Yes they are fine, and no it was not alcohol-related *cough, cough*). 

Everywhere I looked though, people were smiling and having a great time. Sometimes you can have a little separation at weddings as families do not know each other so well. But not at this Wedding, everyone was mingling with one another, and getting on like a house on fire.

As much as this day was about having fun and letting loose it still had its serious moments. Nick gave a heart-warming speech in remembrance of those who were not with us anymore, which I thought was a lovely touch, and just showed how much of a true gent Nick was.

Overall the day was full of so many funny, beautiful, sincere moments that it’s rather hard to put into words. I felt like I was a part of it all and not just ‘the photographer’ and I felt a real connection with everyone like I had known them for years. I would like to thank Nick & Charlotte, and their nearest and dearest for making me feel so welcome throughout the day, it means a lot.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr & Mrs Doherty for choosing me as their wedding photographer. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together and if you ever need me again; you know where I am.

That’s enough of me waffling on, please now scroll on down and check out the rest of this epic wedding!

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