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Elms Meadow, a charming tipi wedding venue

Discover Elms Meadow: A Stunning Tipi Style Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire

During June, I photographed Rachel & James’s Wedding day. Their ceremony took place at a stunning church in Moulton, Northamptonshire. But the real party happened at Elms Meadow, a super cool tipi-style wedding venue, located on a working farm (seriously, I hadn’t even heard of it before, but now I’m a fan for life!). I loved it so much that I even created a whole page on my website just for them, and now I’m even on their recommended suppliers list!

Now, let’s dive into the day of Rachel & James, a day filled with unforgettable moments. I arrived bright and early at Rachel’s parent’s house to capture all the excitement of bridal prep. They made me feel right at home, and we even ventured into their garden, where I couldn’t help but admire their amazing green thumbs (since COVID hit, I’ve been obsessed with gardening, and trust me, their garden was top-notch!). Rachel’s dad even treated us to the most delicious strawberries from their own patch. Seriously, they were strawberry heaven!

The whole morning was an absolute blast, with everyone having a fantastic time. As always, time flew by, and I packed up to head to the church. On my way out, I couldn’t miss the sight of the big red bus that would whisk the bride, bridesmaids, and the gang to the church. It was a surprise for all the guests, who would then hop on the bus after the ceremony and head over to Elms Meadow for the real party. Talk about a fun ride!

Upon my arrival at the church, I was warmly greeted by James, who was already accompanied by his best men, friends, and a handful of family members. James exuded a contagious happiness and ease throughout the entire day. Every guest who arrived at the church sought out James, embracing him with heartfelt hugs and displaying genuine happiness for his special occasion. As someone who appreciates capturing such moments of affection, I was delighted to witness the abundance of hugs exchanged during the day.

After all the guests had arrived, they entered the church, eagerly anticipating the ceremony. Meanwhile, I waited outside, ready to capture Rachel’s arrival in a memorable manner. Those familiar with Moulton would understand its charming and picturesque nature, so the sight of a large red bus rounding the corner was a sight to behold! Rachel and her bridesmaids looked stunning, and Rachel’s Dad looked so happy to be walking his daughter down the aisle. Joy radiated from the guests, their faces gleaming with happiness for the newlyweds. In what seemed like an instant, vows were exchanged, sealing their union in marriage. Congratulations filled the air!

Following the ceremony, we gathered outside for a lively confetti throw before boarding the bus bound for Elm’s Meadow. I headed to the venue in my car and managed to arrive at the reception venue ahead of them, allowing me to capture a stunning image of the bus’s arrival from a drone’s perspective. Interestingly, Rachel’s father had expressed his desire to witness a photograph of the bus pulling up at Elms Meadow earlier in the day. Hence, capturing it with a drone proved to be an excellent choice, resulting in a unique and impressive shot.

Elms Meadow, a charming tipi-style wedding venue in Northamptonshire.

Once all the guests had gathered at Elms Meadow, the festivities commenced! A delightful array of lawn games, personally crafted by the couple, added a charming touch to the occasion. Refreshing beverages and delectable canapés were abundantly available, enhancing the joyful atmosphere. Fortunately, the weather remained favorable throughout the day, greatly influencing the overall mood and ambiance. Elms Meadow boasted breathtaking grounds, providing an idyllic setting for everyone to revel in the great outdoors and embrace the splendid weather.

Moreover, the newlyweds seized the opportunity to capture intimate couple portraits at various points during the day, utilising the venue’s picturesque fields to their advantage. The drone was also deployed multiple times to capture stunning aerial shots, showing off the venue to it’s full.

Time seemed to slip away effortlessly, as it always does on such occasions. Nonetheless, one thing remains certain: everyone experienced an unforgettable day. I extend my heartfelt wishes to Rachel and James for a lifetime of happiness together. Additionally, I express my sincere gratitude to all who warmly welcomed me. The staff at Elms Meadow deserves special recognition for their exceptional care and attentiveness to all of the guests. I eagerly anticipate my next visit to your splendid venue in the near future.

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