Demi & Matt’s Summer Wedding at the White Horse Tea Green, Luton.

Photographing a wedding in Luton is another epic achievement, and one to tick off the bucket list!

What an incredible time I have had this year, my wedding season is now over, and 2019 really has been a year to remember.

During October I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Matt & Demi’s Wedding which was held at ‘The White Horse Tea Green‘, Luton.

I have known Matt for many years, as we grew up around the same Neighborhood of Northampton in our younger days. I have memories of Matt bobbing along the street, knocking at my front door for my younger brother, and consistently being the absolute joker of the bunch (In a good way!). Never did I imagine back then that I would one day be capturing one of the most significant days of his life, but I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity of doing so.

As we got older, we parted ways and Matt moved up to Luton to live with his partner Demi. I hadn’t really seen much of Matt once he moved up to Luton (only ever speaking to him online during our gaming sessions), but upon seeing him again I realised instantly that he hadn’t changed one bit.


In person Matt was still as entertaining as ever, up for a joke and as harsh as this may sound, hard to take seriously (in the best of ways!). Even on his wedding day he did not look one bit flustered and was laughing with everybody from start to finish, even during the ceremony he came out with a few one-liners that got everybody laughing.

I hadn’t met Demi even once before they officially chose me as their photographer, so it was nice to finally meet her in person, and what a cracking lady she was. Our first meet up though probably could have been better planned, as somehow we managed to arrange to meet up the day that Demi got home from her Hen doo. Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly in the clearest frame of mind to discuss her wedding in any detail, but they had their wedding questions ready, and we soon got all the finer details down, and we were ready for the big day!

I was hired to capture their day from pretty much start to finish. And from Bridal prep to the guests showing off their best moves on the dancefloor late into the night, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. Demi looked stunning in her Wedding dress, Matt didn’t scrub up too bad either, and everywhere I looked the couples nearest and dearest were having a great time. I had a lot of fun capturing the real genuine moments throughout the day, as well as capture some really creative portraits in the evening for the couple.

See this is why I love photographing Weddings, in particular, as you always see the best side of people and this wedding was no exception. As much laughter as there was throughout the day, a few tears of love were also shed for the pair, you really could feel the love in the room so to say.

I would like to say a massive thank you to the newlyweds for choosing me to capture their special day, and if you ever need me again then you know where I am. Congratulations on tying the knot, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

I am going to keep this blog short and sweet as I believe that the photography should do all of the talking, so please now scroll down and check out the rest of the images from this beautiful wedding. I would love to return the White Horse at some point in the future, to photograph another couple’s wedding day!

The White Horse Tea Green, perfect for any occasion!

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Luton, then I highly recommend this venue. I have included the address below, so if you wish to check it out, you know exactly where to look!

White Horse Tea Green Address

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