Emma & Alex’s Wedding // Northamptonshire

A stunning spring wedding in Northamptonshire, what a wonderful start to the 2021 wedding season!

During June I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Emma & Alex’s wedding. The ceremony took place at St Luke’s Church, in Duston, Northampton. This is a delightful little church, and it feels as if it’s hidden away almost, which for me, adds to its charm. It has been a long time since I had captured a wedding at this particular church, but upon arriving, the memories came flooding back and I remembered how stunning it was, inside and out.

In all honesty, I cannot remember the last time I had captured a wedding at a church, as it really has been that long! I have photographed weddings at many stunning locations in and around Northamptonshire over the years, with barns and hotel style weddings being more fashionable than ever. Returning to a church after so many years felt great, and it was almost as if I was going back to my roots.

As you can imagine, the couple were so thrilled to go ahead and tie the knot, as it had been such a long wait to be able to do so (I will try not to mention the C word in here, I promise!) Yes, it may have been a smaller affair, in terms of numbers, but I can sincerely say it was just as beautiful as any other wedding I have photographed.

I arrived nice and early to capture guest’s arrival, and every guest that made their way towards the church looked so happy and ready for the day ahead. Two of the guests, in particular, made me laugh, as they hid away on the church grounds, and cracked open a cheeky can of gin, and fosters (Doing it in style I say!) and sipped away at it, laughing with one another. It may sound random, but it’s moments like these that I love photographing, moments that are real and unposed. Of course, I will always aim to photograph creative wedding portraits for couples, but I personally love the in-between moments, that most people may not even notice.

Before I knew it, the bridesmaids arrived, followed by Emma. They turned up in style in an old-fashioned car, me being me, has typically forgotten the make of the car, but it certainly was stylish. Emma looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and her bridesmaids could not have looked happier for Emma. They all made their way towards the church, and the ceremony began…

I am so happy to be back out there, photographing weddings for couples across Northamptonshire and beyond!

The service went by without a hitch, and Emma & Alex looked so, so happy throughout, as did all of their guests. There is a certain appeal to a church, something you don’t get with other types of wedding venues. I cannot put my finger on what it is, but being inside such a spectacular venue, capturing such a significant time in a couples lives has to be the best job in the world.

A beautiful wedding in Northampton, you just can’t beat it!

After the service had finished, we all headed outside for group photographs, as well as capture a few couple portraits on the church grounds before heading off to the reception venue.

As the couple headed out of the church grounds, we of course had to do the confetti shot, which is always a lot of fun! The couple’s son (who looked so dappa in his suit I have to say!) in particular had a lot of fun, throwing the confetti at his parents more than once.

Once Emma & Alex headed off, myself and all of the guests made our way to the Marriot hotel, where the rest of the day was taking place!


As I mentioned, the wedding reception was held at the Marriot Hotel, in Brackmills, Northampton. Again I have photographed a wedding at this venue before, but not for such a long time. The reception room is a large and impressive space, perfect for a wedding, and there is so much room outside on the grounds also, perfect for the children to run around on and let off some steam.

By the time I had arrived, most of the guests had already done so too. I dropped my bags off inside, captured a few detail shots, before heading outside to capture the couple’s arrival.

The rest of the day went by so smoothly, with laughter and smiles all around. I would love to capture this day again, as I enjoyed it so much. I would like to say thank you to Emma, Alex, and all of the guests for making me feel so welcome on the day.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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