A couple gazes into each other's eyes while standing among trees in a forest. They are both dressed warmly; the man wears a coat, and the woman wears a striped shirt under a vest with fur trim. The ground is covered in fallen leaves, and the sunlight filters through the trees. Image by Documentary Wedding Photographer Lewis Bishop Photography.

Michelle & David // Engagement Photoshoot // Harlestone Firs

Harlestone Firs in Northampton is a beautiful spot for photography!

During March, I had the pleasure of photographing Michelle & David at Harlestone Firs, Northampton. I have captured a few Engagement shoots here in the past, and as a location, it never disappoints.

The sun was shining, and I arrived nice and early to get a plan of action together. Now just because I have used this location before does not mean I like to capture the same angles and take the same photographs as I had in the past. My aim is to always try out something different, look at the location from a new perspective, and produce something unique for the couple.

Here are a selection of photographs taken on the day, I cannot wait to capture Michelle & David’s Wedding later this year!



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