My approach 02: Creative Portraits

I LOVE two things above all when photographing weddings –real, unposed moments, and creating beautiful wedding portraits.

For most of a wedding day, I capture the moments in a manner that makes it feel like I’m not even there. However, during the short period of time when we take portraits, we have the opportunity to create beautiful, natural photographs.

During weddings, this can also be a lovely time for the couple to spend a few quiet moments away from their guests. From my experience, couples often prefer to have a break from the crowd to take their portraits, as this is when they can truly be themselves in front of the camera, leading to more captivating images.

Many brides and grooms may feel nervous about having their picture taken, which is completely understandable. However, when they see that there’s nothing to worry about, they can relax and enjoy the experience, which is reflected in the final images.