Dodford Manor Wedding in Summer

During June of 2023, I had the pleasure of photographing Maria & Shane’s wedding day at the charming Dodford Manor Barn, located in Northamptonshire.

Dodford Manor, a hidden gem nestled in Northamptonshire’s countryside, is the barn wedding venue that has it all. I’ve been itching to capture a wedding here for ages, and finally getting the chance was beyond amazing. And guess what? I’m lucky enough to be returning not just once, but multiple times in 2023 and even 2024! This exclusive venue spanning over 20 acres is the perfect backdrop for a wedding day.

So, let me tell you about Maria and Shane’s big day. They were the epitome of a laid-back couple, prioritising quality time with their loved ones and steering clear of any unnecessary stress or fuss. I met up with Maria and her fabulous bridesmaids at a nearby hotel, just a short ten-minute drive from the venue itself. Maria had a sweet request—to capture her first look with her dad. Seeing the pride in his eyes as he hugged his daughter tightly was an absolutely heartwarming moment to capture. After wrapping up at the hotel, I made my way to the wedding venue.

Everywhere I looked, guests were beaming with joy. Shane was dapper in his suit, clearly ready to say those magical words, “I do.” And before we knew it, it was time to gather in the barn for the ceremony. Maria and her stunning bridesmaids took everyone’s breath away. Oh, and let’s not forget their adorable daughter, who stole the show as the flower girl. The ceremony was an emotional rollercoaster, with guests brimming with happiness and bursting with pride for the newlyweds.

After the magical ceremony, we all stepped out for drinks, scrumptious canapés, and lawn games. Mother Nature was on our side, blessing us with fantastic weather for most of the day, allowing guests to make the most of the enchanting outdoor space. It was an absolute delight to witness children running wild and having a blast. The energy was contagious!

Once we captured the essential group shots and a few couple portraits, we ventured into the room where the wedding feast and evening festivities would unfold. Let me tell you, the fun levels were off the charts! I couldn’t help but smile as I turned my camera in every direction. It seemed like every single person was having the time of their lives, and I made sure to capture those precious moments of pure joy.

Dodford Manor, a beautiful barn style wedding venue in Northamptonshire.

Once the guests settled in their seats, the magnificent squad of best men and bridesmaids was summoned to join the room, but not without some flair. As music filled the air, each of them unleashed their unique entrances, guaranteeing endless amusement. Witnessing a best man doing the worm dance was an absolute riot, and the rest had their own delightful quirks. It was a brand-new experience for me, but capturing it all was a riot and instantly got everyone in the groove of the party.

The speeches that followed were a glorious mix of heartfelt emotions and contagious laughter, spreading joy throughout the room. The rest of the day flew by in a whirlwind, packed with non-stop action and excitement. Here’s to Maria & Shane, may their lives be a perpetual celebration of happiness and awesomeness! You guys rock!

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