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Dodford Manor Barn Weddings

Elevate your special day at Dodford Manor, an exclusive barn wedding venue in Northamptonshire that’s tailor-made just for you and your cherished guests. Nestled amidst over 20 acres of enchanting Northamptonshire countryside, it’s the quintessential backdrop for the most remarkable day of your lives. As a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, this Grade II listed restored barn wedding venue sets the stage for your grand celebration.

From the morning buzz of preparations in the charming Grain Store, known as the “Bridal Beauty Booth,” to the momentous exchange of vows in the historic Mortain Barn, dating all the way back to the 1680s, your wedding journey will be a seamless flow of unforgettable moments. Dodford Manor is an enchanting barn wedding venue filled with delightful surprises. Your guests can relish delectable food and drinks in the naturally lit Oak Barn, adorned with oak frames and glass walls that provide stunning vistas of Northamptonshire’s rural beauty.

As day turns into night, this remarkable venue undergoes a magical transformation, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your evening celebration. It’s the perfect setting for you and your loved ones to dance the night away, ensuring that your wedding is an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Get married in Style at Dodford Manor’s, Mortain Barn

Their licensed wedding venue offers the perfect backdrop for your magical wedding ceremony, whether it’s for tying the knot or celebrating your civil partnership. Picture this: the stunning Mortain Barn bathed in the warm embrace of natural light. With its charming mix of stone-flagged flooring, rustic wooden beams, and lovingly restored ironstone walls, this barn turns your wedding ceremony into an extraordinary affair.

The best part? It’s highly flexible! Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with 30 to 40 of your closest family and friends or throwing a grand bash for up to 170 guests, Mortain Barn is the canvas for your dream wedding ceremony.

A stunning wedding breakfast in the Oak Barn

Prepare for a grand culinary adventure in the Oak Barn, the ultimate setting for your first meal as a newlywed couple. This hidden gem is unveiled when the time is just right, and it’s brimming with that all-important wow factor. The meticulously crafted oak-framed barn, complete with expansive glass walls, unveils jaw-dropping panoramic views across the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside as you savour a delectable wedding feast of your choosing. It’s a feast fit for royalty, in a setting that’s nothing short of magical.

Raise a glass (or two!) in the Dairy Barn Bar

As the sun sets and evening guests make their entrance, the Dairy Barn Bar, conveniently linked to the Oak Barn, springs to life. It transforms into a fully stocked wedding bar, complete with a delightful selection of beers, ciders, wines, sparkling wines, spirits, and refreshing soft drinks, all available at prices reminiscent of your favorite local pub.

What’s even better? The Dairy Barn Bar shares its space with the Oak Barn, creating a fantastic chill-out zone where you can take a breather without missing out on the celebration. Enjoy the best of both worlds – a relaxed retreat and a party hub all in one!

Dodford Manor offers so much flexibility

Whether you opt for an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Dodford Manor offers the flexibility to customise your ideal wedding venue setup. Its stunning courtyards, picturesque rural grounds, and breathtaking views create the perfect backdrop for a delightful summer reception. And when winter sets in, you can cozy up in the warm and atmospheric surroundings

Dodford Manor Wedding Photos

Why Dodford Manor is Perfect for Wedding Photography

Dodford Manor is a true gem for photographers like me. What sets it apart? Variety, and lots of it! In some venues, space constraints can lead to a case of ‘photo déjà vu.’ But at Dodford Manor, it’s a whole different story. This place offers ample room to roam and showcases pristine grounds that are nothing short of stunning. The best part? I’ll never find myself hitting the replay button on photos. Having covered multiple weddings here, one thing’s for sure: Dodford Manor never loses its enchanting charm, making it a delight to capture each time.

Looking for a Northamptonshire wedding photographer?

As a wedding photographer, I pride myself on offering something unique, and I understand it’s not a cookie-cutter approach. It’s about getting to know my couples and understanding what’s important to them. I like to build a rapport with couples so we’re like friends, and when it comes to their wedding day, I can just blend into the action, with no awkwardness, or fuss.

Then using my skills and creativity, I love to craft authentic, creative images that help you relive the moments time and time again. Through my imagery I want you to see how much fun everybody had, and see just how good everyone looked, including you!

Is this the Northamptonshire Wedding Venue for you?

Before deciding and booking your wedding day at this venue, why not book a visit with them? Have a good look around inside and out, speak to staff, and get to know the place. I bet you will fall in love with it just like I have! Dodford Manor even holds it’s own open evenings a number of times a year, and again I would highly recommend popping by to one.

Dodford Manor Wedding Prices

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Dodford Manor’s Contact Details

Phone: 01327 349761

Email: [email protected]


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