Hunstmill Farm Wedding in Summer

Huntsmill Farm – A stunning farm wedding venue in Buckinghamshire

In the heart of summer, I had the incredible honour of photographing Beverley & Sam’s wedding day at the breathtaking Huntsmill Farm, located in Buckinghamshire. I’ve been fortunate to document numerous love stories at this enchanting barn wedding venue, and it just keeps getting better! With its charming converted barn, picturesque grounds, and intimate courtyard, Huntsmill Farm provides the ultimate canvas for crafting your fairytale wedding.

On the day of the wedding, as always, I made sure to arrive nice and early to explore the venue once more. This time around, my goal was to unearth new, fresh, and creative ideas to make their day truly remarkable. With the sun shining its radiant beams, Huntsmill Farm looked even more breathtaking, setting the stage for a picture-perfect day.

My lens captured every moment, from Beverley and Sam’s morning preparations in separate cottages on the grounds to the many family members getting ready in adjacent cottages. I couldn’t resist peeking into those cottages as well, ensuring no special moment was left uncaptured. And let’s not forget the little ones! The courtyard became a playground for the kids, running around, and playing games with as much enthusiasm as the adults. It was a heartwarming sight to behold, where fun and laughter were in the air.

The whole morning flew by, and before we knew it, the ceremony was in full swing.

Every corner I turned, there were smiles, laughter, and an undeniable sense of anticipation for the incredible day that lay ahead. The energy was infectious, and I was all set to capture every moment of this joy-filled celebration!

Sam, the epitome of cool in his sharp suit, was flanked by his dapper best men, and Beverley looked nothing short of stunning as she glided down the aisle, arm in arm with her proud father. The ceremony was nothing short of heartwarming, and I couldn’t help but feel honoured to be the one to capture it all. Love was in the air, and the vows exchanged were nothing short of beautiful. Before we knew it, the couple said their ‘I do’s,’ and there it was, the magic of their official union.

Huntsmill Farm, a picturesque wedding venue tucked away into the Buckinghamshire countryside.

After the heartwarming ceremony, we stepped outside to bask in the glorious weather that seemed tailor-made for this special day. The fun was far from over, and I was there to capture it all! The confetti throw was an absolute blast, and one adventurous guest took it to the next level, showering the newlyweds with a whole box of colorful confetti! And speaking of delightful treats, an ice cream van rolled in, providing a much-needed sweet escape from the afternoon heat.

What’s fantastic about Huntsmill Farm is the abundance of space for guests and kids to run around, creating joyful memories everywhere you look. And, let’s not forget the breathtaking backdrop it offers for wedding portraits. I could have spent hours with the couple, capturing their love amidst this beautiful setting. However, I always prioritise giving wedding couples ample time to celebrate with their friends and family. It’s all about cherishing these moments together.

As the drinks reception came to a close, we made our way back into the barn, where the wedding breakfast and evening reception awaited. The wedding speeches added a side of humour to the celebration, featuring multiple best men who playfully put Sam on the spot (in the nicest way possible, of course!).

This wedding had more surprises in store than a magician’s hat, and I had a rare ‘first’ on my hands! As the day rolled into the evening, Beverley and Sam decided to shake things up with a photo op by the food truck. But hold onto your hats, folks, because it wasn’t your typical ‘smile for the camera’ moment.

No, no! This adventurous duo took things up a notch. Instead of just posing in front of the food truck, they went full-on foodie mode! They stepped inside, served each other scrumptious bites, and even managed to sneak in a few fun snapshots in the process. Now, that’s what I call a ‘wedding appetiser’ for the ages!

The day zoomed by in a whirlwind of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Before I knew it, I was packing up my gear, ready to head home. But not without sending the newlyweds off with a hearty dose of well-wishes and high-fives. You guys rock!

Wishing Beverley and Sam a lifetime filled with happiness, adventure, and endless love. Until next time, keep the joy alive!

Thinking about holding your wedding at Huntsmill Farm?

Looking for a barn-style wedding venue in Buckinghamshire that has it all? Then Huntsmill Farm may just be the wedding venue for you!

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