Real Moments


I LOVE two things above all when photographing weddings – real, unposed moments, and creating beautiful wedding portraits.

I work as hard as I can to provide you with both of these.

This page is all about why I love to capture real moments as a documentary wedding photographer.

You can read all about how I take creative portraits here.

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Genuine moments

For me, photographs hold more value and significance when they are true to life and depict real, unscripted moments. I aim to capture you and your loved ones just as they are, without frequently interrupting with posed shots. I want your day to be a true reflection of who you are, rather than being shaped by my direction.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with a set of photographs that you not only love immediately, but that becomes increasingly cherished over time. Emotions over perfection is my philosophy, and this is why I focus on capturing authentic, non-posed feelings.

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How do I photograph real, natural, unposed moments?

I aim to create a comfortable atmosphere while taking photographs so that I can capture authentic and truthful moments. By doing this, I hope that you will be so relaxed that you forget about my presence, leading to the best outcome. In my experience, when you are relaxed, the pictures turn out more genuine and natural, resulting in better imagery.

One of the greatest compliments I receive is when people view their photographs for the first time and remark that they don't recall the moment being captured. That is a wonderful feeling for me.

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