The Barns at Hunsbury Hill: Two Magical Weddings in a Single Week!

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill is a stunning wedding venue in Northampton

Recently I had the chance to finally capture a wedding at The Barns at Hunsbury Hill, located in Northampton. This is a venue that has been on my radar for some time now. It’s funny, as I didn’t just photograph one wedding there, but two, within the space of a single week. As a wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire, it’s lovely to have such a stunning barn-style wedding venue on my doorstep.

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill truly exceeded my expectations as a wedding venue. Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Northampton, this charming barn-style wedding venue offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere for couples looking to tie the knot. With its rustic yet elegant aesthetic, it provides the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful and memorable moments.

The staff at the Barns at Hunsbury Hill are incredibly friendly and accommodating. From the moment I arrived, they made me feel welcome and ensured that everything was in place for a seamless wedding day. Their attention to detail and professionalism was evident in every aspect, from the immaculately decorated ceremony area to the perfectly arranged reception space.

Discover The Barns at Hunsbury Hill, your dream rustic barn wedding venue!

The first wedding I captured was for Sabrina and Chris. From the moment I arrived, I could feel the excitement and joy in the air. Sabrina, the bride-to-be, radiated happiness as she prepared for her big day. Her smile was contagious, and it was evident that she couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle and say those two magical words, ‘I do’. The bridal preparation was a relaxed affair, filled with laughter and anticipation. As I discreetly moved around the room, capturing Sabrina’s stunning dress, and carefully styled hair, the atmosphere brimmed with excitement. Meanwhile, guests began to arrive, their faces filled with anticipation for the grand celebration that awaited.

However, little did anyone know that this wedding had a surprise in store. As the ceremony commenced, an owl gracefully soared through the air, clutching a tiny ring in its talons. Gasps of astonishment echoed throughout the venue as the owl, acting as the ring bearer, landed gracefully on Chris’s best friend’s arm. It was a truly magical moment, captured forever in the photographs. This is why I love what I do, there is always something new that catches me by surprise.

Capturing Sabrina and Chris’s wedding was an experience beyond words. Their love story, combined with unexpected surprises like the owl ring bearer, created a day that would be etched in their hearts forever. And as their wedding photographer, I felt honored to play a part in their magical journey.

The second wedding I captured was for Jodie & Daniel. This was no ordinary wedding day—it was a day filled with love, laughter, and a chilled-out vibe. As always, I arrived bright and early to set up and capture the excitement of the guests arriving. Jodie didn’t want traditional bridal prep photos, but instead, she wanted me to focus on capturing the joyful moments of everyone’s arrival.

Picture this: children running around, giggles in the air, and the weather playing along, (mostly, there was the odd spot of rain) allowing everyone to bask in the beauty of the outdoor grounds. From the moment Jodie and Daniel laid eyes on each other to the very last dance, happiness radiated through every corner. The day was an absolute dream, brimming with countless precious moments that will be cherished forever.

I can’t forget to mention the amazing DJ who had everyone on cloud nine with his contagious energy. And let’s not forget about the speeches—oh, they were tear-jerkingly beautiful! I was there to capture every heartfelt moment, freezing them in time for eternity.

It was a heartwarming sight to witness the children enjoying themselves as much as the adults. There was no shortage of entertainment for the little ones, ranging from bubble-blowing while the sun descended, to the incredible skills of a highly talented face painter who adorned their faces with captivating designs.

I would like to wish both couples a lifetime of happiness together and say thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome.

Looking for directions to The Barns at Hunsbury Hill

Below I have included the address and contact details for The Barns at Hunsbury Hill. If you were interested in looking around the venue, then why not contact the venue to arrange a show round? I am sure you will not be disappointed by this stunning barn wedding venue!



Harksome Hill,



Contact details

Phone: 01604 702444

Email:  [email protected]


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