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Notley Tythe Barn Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding at Notley Tythe Barn // Babna & Luis

During January 2024, I had the absolute joy of capturing Babna & Luis’s Wedding day at the enchanting Notley Tythe Barn, a breathtaking barn wedding venue in Buckinghamshire. It would be my first time at this venue, adding a spark of excitement to the occasion. While I love revisiting familiar wedding venues, there’s an undeniable thrill in exploring the myriad of beautiful venues scattered across the UK. I’m set to return to Notley Tythe Barn in 2024, ready to capture another couple’s special day, which is pretty cool.

Before the big day, the soon-to-be newlyweds and I had a Zoom call to dive into all things weddings and get to know each other a little better. The anticipation after our conversation left me buzzing, foreseeing a day brimming with lots of fun. Babna and Luis were an easygoing pair, up for a laugh and eagerly looking forward to reuniting with their loved ones. The guests travelled from near and far to join the celebration, creating a magical gathering for the couple.

Now, rewind to the start of the year, where we faced a fair share of challenges with flooding across the UK. Determined to avoid any wedding day mishaps, I decided to head up a day early and stay over at the same hotel as Babna. Arriving late for a wedding is my worst nightmare (though, luckily, it hasn’t happened). Arriving a day ahead, I ensured the flooding wouldn’t throw a spanner in the works. Before checking into the hotel, I swung by Notley Tythe Barn to soak in the vibes and plan out the perfect spots for group formals and couple portraits.

I must say, Notley Tythe Barn left a lasting impression on me – it had that undeniable wow factor. The staff were incredibly helpful, even letting me peek inside the venue, and have a good look around. Having shot at numerous barn weddings across the UK, this one ranks among the best. Post-venue exploration, I retired to the hotel for an early night, gearing up for the exciting day ahead.

Waking up in the hotel, knowing I had a mere stroll down the hallway to capture Babna getting ready, was nice I have to admit. The bridal prep unfolded in an intimate and relaxed setting, with Babna and her bridesmaids extending me a warm welcome. Kudos to them for making me feel right at home.

Notley Tythe Barn Looks Magical During The Winter

After capturing bridal prep, I headed to Notley Tythe Barn, where the rest of the day would unfold. The plan was to drive back after the wedding, and I didn’t mind a late arrival home, due to the unpredictable weather. Upon arrival, I exchanged greetings with Luis, who was deep in conversation with family and friends. I then seamlessly went about capturing the arrival of guests and details.

Once everyone settled in, it was time for the ceremony. Babna made a stunning entrance, radiant in her wedding dress, with a perpetual smile adorning her face. Emotions ran high, tears were shed, and before you knew it, Luis & Babna were officially Mr and Mrs.

The Sun Came Out, Which Made Notley Tythe Barn Look Even More Magical!

The weather wasn’t initially on our side, but as if on cue, the sun emerged in all its glory as soon as the ceremony had finished. The newlyweds had a receiving line, soaking in the warmth of greetings from their family & friends. Personally, I loved the dramatic opportunities provided by the sunshine for documentary wedding photographs.

With greetings exchanged, we seamlessly transitioned into capturing group formals and couple portraits. Notley Tythe Barn boasts ample outdoor space, perfect for picturesque outdoor portraits. The sun, setting just up the hill, presented an ideal backdrop for some memorable shots. I even whisked the couple away in my car to get the perfect angle up the hill.

The wedding speeches were a delightful mix of humour, emotion, and affection. A surprise musical performance by Luis and his friends added a unique touch to the day. Witnessing something new each year is a given in my line of work, and this year, it was the groom and his pals providing live music – a definite first for me! (Luis, I said it then, and I’ll say it again – you’re one talented guy!)

As the day sped by, the dancefloor buzzed with energy, showcasing the impressive moves of many talented dancers. Sparklers added a magical touch, and I couldn’t be happier with how those photographs turned out!

A massive thanks to the newlyweds, their families, and friends for the warm welcome on the day. A massive shout out to Notley Tythe Barn staff for keeping me hydrated throughout the day! (I tend to get wrapped up in the moment and forget to drink enough – oops!)

Notley Tythe Barn Wedding Photography

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