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30 questions to ask your wedding photographer

What Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

From figuring out if you should hook your wedding photographer up with some grub to nailing down when your pics will be ready. I’ve got you covered with all the questions you might overlook when chatting with your photographer. There are also even more things you may wish to discuss, which can be found on my FAQ page!

When it comes to picking your wedding photographer, step one is to narrow down that shortlist. Luckily, I already have you covered, as I have a blog all about how to choose your wedding photographer, so go check it out!

Before you commit, it’s crucial to have a sit-down – whether in person, on video, or over the phone – with your potential wedding photographer. I believe that you should vibe well with your photographer, as you will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day.

To make your life easier, I have cooked up a list of 30 wedding questions you should throw their way to figure out if they’re the right fit for your big day.

And don’t forget the last section – those are questions you should ask yourself. After all, you’ll be hanging out for more than 8 hours on one of the most significant days of your life. So, it’s not just about their skills; it’s about how well you click and communicate. Your first meeting is a personality match as much as it is a professional one.

The Essentials

Is my wedding date available?

There are many questions to ask a wedding photographer, and the first one should be enquiring about your wedding date. Photographers often get snatched up well in advance—sometimes a year or more. Drop the date query in your first email and confirm in person to dodge any accidental double bookings. And while you’re at it, hash out the deposit details and how much lead time they need.

Do you cover my area?

Some wedding photographers only cover their country, while others cover the whole of the UK, and beyond. Make sure that your photographer understands where you are getting married, as they may not cover that area.

How many weddings do you photograph a year?

It’s not about gauging their street cred, but rather understanding their schedule. Some photographers can shoot up to 80 weddings a year, which can mean longer waiting times to see all of your amazing wedding photographs. Limited availability may mean a longer wait for those stunning shots. Seasoned photographers might be choosier with jobs due to high demand. Be open to adjusting your wedding date if your dream photographer has a capped annual workload.

Can I look through full wedding galleries? Are all photos yours, and how recent were they captured?

Portfolios on websites are cool, but they’re like the highlight reel. Dive into a complete wedding album to assess their storytelling skills, adaptability to lighting, and consistent quality. Ensure the albums are fresh, and you’re viewing the photographer’s own work, not some agency stand-in.

What information do you need from us before the wedding day?

Ahead of the big day, your photographer wants the lowdown on all the details: the nitty-gritty on when and where your ceremony and party are going down, info on your getting-ready, the timeline for speeches and cake-cutting, the scoop on that first dance, you get the idea. The more information you provide, the smoother their photo magic can unfold. I always have a catch-up around 4 weeks before the wedding day, to go through everything with the future wedding couple.

Familiar with our wedding venue? If not, will you scope it out?

Not a deal-breaker, but a photographer acquainted with your venue knows the ins and outs. They’ve got the lowdown on ideal photo spots and the best settings as dusk settles. Bonus points if they’ve got a stash of pics taken there. If not, no worries—many photographers are up for a pre-wedding venue visit, sometimes coupled with an engagement shoot.

What’s included in your wedding photography packages?

If pricing details are on their site, hit them up for the lowdown. Understand what’s included, how it aligns with your wishes, and if it jives with your budget. Clear the air and get it in writing to avoid any hiccups. I show all of my prices & packages on my website, while other photographers do not.

Wedding Photography Style

What is your wedding photography style?

Photography has many style. Check out my blog where I cover the main styles: reportage, capturing those candid day tales; traditional, spotlighting formal poses and timeless classics; and contemporary, bringing some runway-worthy editorial flair. Ask your lens artist to drop their fave wedding pic, and you’ll vibe with their vision and style.

Reviews, reviews, reviews.

Hunting for reviews? Scope out their reviews page, Hitched listing, Google review, etc. Keep an eye out for consistent praise across different spots. Dive into what the word on the street is about them and take note of how they handle the feedback!

Will I be able to give you a list of specific shots?

Got a lineup of must-haves? Like that special moment with Grandma and Grandad? Most photographers are cool with a shot list, but keep it short—too many can steal the limelight from those candid gems. Professionals know their game, so trust their skills and don’t stress too much about the list. Remember, you are booking your photographer for their creative eye, so handing them a huge shot list, or a Pinterest board with 1000 ideas, will take away their creativity as they will be so focused on the list!

Do you offer Engagement shoots?

An engagement session is a fantastic opportunity to ease into the camera spotlight and establish a rapport with your photographer. It’s your chance to become familiar with posing directions and fine-tune that picture-perfect smile. Even if it’s not part of your initial package, consider discussing the inclusion of an engagement shoot or be open to paying an additional fee for this valuable experience.

On The Wedding Day

What time will you arrive on our wedding day?

Include this in your contract—clarify whether the photographer will join during your bridal preparation or meet you at the ceremony. While many couples desire shots of the prep and journey to the venue, trimming down the photographer’s hours might be a budget-friendly option. From experience, I understand that not every couple wishes to have certain parts of their day captured, bridal prep for example.

Should provide you with a wedding meal?

It’s your call on whether to provide food, but it’s a courteous gesture. Considering they’ll be on the job for 10+ hours, they’ll appreciate some sustenance. Discuss preferences with your photographer—whether they’d like a designated plate at a table or elsewhere, or if they’d prefer a meal allowance to handle their own catering. Besides, they usually take a break during meals; no one wants a snapshot mid-chicken supreme.

Do we cover travel expenses?

Have these details crystal clear in your contract to steer clear of surprises. Understand if you’re responsible for petrol or overnight accommodations. If it’s a destination photographer, expect to foot the bill for travel and stay. Most photographers include travel in their costs, but double-check to find out.

Are you the main photographer for the Day?

In the realm of national agencies with a lineup, ensure the person you’re chatting with is your primary photographer. Even if they’re playing the second-shooter role, make it a point to meet the primary shooter before putting down a deposit.

What’s your departure time?

Weddings are marathon events, and photographers are human too. It’s a big ask to have them on the clock from your 7 am hair session to the midnight dance floor. Most photographers will bow out after the cake cutting and the first dance, with the specifics laid out in the contract.

Can we pay extra for you to stay longer on our wedding day?

It’s a good idea to inquire about the additional cost if you wish to extend the photographer’s coverage, whether it’s for a late evening sparkler send-off or simply because the day extends beyond the initial timeline.

How nuch does it cost to add a second shooter?

In pricier wedding packages, a second shooter is often included as a standard offering. This additional photographer complements the primary photographer by capturing different angles or moments, such as the drinks reception while group shots are underway.

Can guests take photographs on our wedding day?

While there are advantages to an unplugged wedding where phones are off-limits, you might be okay with guests snapping photos during the day. However, you could request a photo-free zone during the ceremony to avoid Uncle Bob’s giant iPad inadvertently blocking your walk down the aisle. I believe that family & friends should focus on the day, enjoying every moment without technology getting in the way. You have booked a photographer to do this for you, so you and your guests can relax.

What is your backup plan if you cannot make it on the day?

Life happens, and unforeseen circumstances may arise. Your photographer likely has a network of professional contacts to call upon in such situations. Although they might have backup plans, it’s still advisable to secure wedding insurance to account for any last-minute hiccups. Trust is key, so if they dodge the question, consider your instincts—this day is irreplaceable, and you want confidence that they’ve got you covered.

Do you have insurance?

A seasoned wedding photographer should possess both professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. Adequate coverage typically ranges between £2 million and £5 million. Feel free to request and expect them to willingly provide their insurance documents for verification.

Wedding Packages and Payment

What’s the wedding deposit amount and when is the payment deadline?

Similar to final payments, understanding the deposit details aids in wedding budgeting and securing your photographer for the chosen date. It’s crucial to have all payment deadlines clearly outlined in writing.

How will we receive our wedding photographs?

Given the prevalence of digital photography, wedding packages typically include a complete set of edited digital copies. The specific number can vary, so discuss with your photographer to determine the expected range. For a full-day wedding, expect to receive approximately 600+ edited photos unless otherwise specified. Factors like shooting conditions may influence the final count, so clarify this with your photographer before finalizing the booking.

Can we share our wedding photo’s online?

Ensure your contract permits online sharing. The agreement should grant you personal use of copyright, allowing sharing and printing, excluding commercial purposes. Proper etiquette involves crediting or tagging the photographer when sharing online, and if you plan to feature the images at a real wedding, verify your photographer’s willingness to supply or permit sharing.

Are printing or album services available?

More expensive packages may include a photo album. If not, inquire about the cost and request to see samples. With printing rights, creating a personalised album at a local shop is an option to explore. I offer wedding albums and think they are a great way of displaying the story of your day. Check out my blog, on why I think wedding albums are important.

Does the price cover retouching?

Basic editing, like shadow or hair strand removal, is typically included, but it’s wise to confirm. Additional editing requests, such as merging group shots, may incur extra charges.

Can we customise our wedding package?

Negotiating a customised package is usually feasible with most photographers. However, if working through a national agency, creating a bespoke package may pose challenges.

How long until we receive our wedding photographs?

In the digital era, photos often arrive in an online gallery within two to six weeks post-wedding. Check with your photographer beforehand for a more accurate timeline. Some photographers may share sneak peeks shortly after the wedding, offering a preview of the final images. Be mindful of potential delays during busy periods, and your photographer can provide insights into their editing schedule, often shared on social media for transparency.

When is the final wedding payment due?

Understanding the number of installments required and your final payment deadline is essential for wedding budgeting. Keep in mind that most photographers operate as independent small businesses, and timely payments are crucial to their financial stability. Consider paying upfront in a single installment when booking, as this may lead to potential discounts or complimentary add-ons—always worth enquiring about.

Introduce yourself

Arguably the most crucial questions, you must familiarise yourself with your photographer to ensure they are the right fit for your wedding day. Photographers are human too, with personal lives and interests, so it’s beneficial to connect beyond the wedding context.

Before sealing the deal and making a deposit, ponder a few key questions:

  • Do we have a strong connection with the photographer?
  • Can we trust them to capture the essence of our day?
  • Will we feel at ease with this photographer?
  • Does the pricing align with our expectations for the level of service provided?

So there you have it, 30 questions to ask your wedding photographer. I hope this blog helps!

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