A bride and groom share a close, joyful moment under the bride's veil in a forested area. The couple appears happy and intimate, with soft light filtering through the trees behind them. The greenery and soft veil create a romantic ambiance. Image by Documentary Wedding Photographer Lewis Bishop Photography.

Northamptonshire Wedding at Skylark Farm of Carri-Anne & Paul

During August of 2022, I had the pleasure of photographing Carri-Anne & Paul’s wedding at Skylark Farm, Northamptonshire.

Well…where to start…do you all remember the Summer heatwave of 2022? It was blisteringly hot at points, and this wedding had to be by far the hottest wedding I have ever captured in the UK. Rest assured though, the heat didn’t stop everyone from having the most magical day. Skylark Farm is an especially lovely time during the Summer months, as it has the most beautiful outdoor space. If you have ever been lucky enough to have visited this venue, then you know what I mean when I say the views from skylark farm can take your breath away.

Before the wedding day itself, I met up with Carri-Anne and Paul at their home to talk about everything weddings over a cup of tea. Upon meeting them I instantly warmed up to them. They were so easygoing and wanted to celebrate their day with no stress or fuss, surrounded by all of their loved ones. I had wanted to capture a day at Skylark farm for some time, so when they initially booked me I was pretty thrilled, to say the least. Northamptonshire is packed full of stunning venues, with skylark farm being one of them.

I always say though, it’s not the venue that makes the day, it’s the people, and what a great bunch of people they all were. I would personally like to say a huge thank you to the couple, as well as all of the guests for making me feel so welcome on the day.

On the wedding day itself, I joined Carri-Anne and her family at the couple’s home, to photograph bridal prep. This was a lot of fun, as there were also children involved throughout the morning, who were clearly having a great time, and ready for the day ahead. It can be pretty rare for many children to be at bridal prep, so it made a nice change. Even their pet cat got involved at points, and would not budge from under a chair while the ladies were having their makeup applied.

As well as makeup being applied, the factor 50 also came out, which was definitely needed on a day like this. After bridal prep, I headed over to Skylark farm which was just a short drive away. Oooo, before I carry on, I would also like to give a shout-out to an amazing videographer by the name of Christian, who I worked with all day ( If you are looking for an amazingly talented videographer, then check his work out at www.ChristianDavid.co.uk)

Myself and Christian arrived at Skylark well ahead of time, to capture a few details, before the guests began to arrive. Paul looked sharp in his suit (Although a little hot, which even he would admit!) ready for the celebrations ahead. All of the guests were smiling from ear to ear, and it didn’t take too long for all of the children to find the various games that were laid out for them to use. Again Skylark has the most amazing space, not just for adults but also the children. It was lovely to see all of the kids running around and having so much fun.

Once everyone had arrived, we all headed into the (Air-conditioned) ceremony room, and the day was in full swing. Carri-Anne looked amazing in her dress, and could not stop smiling as she walked down the aisle with her Dad. Before we all knew it, they were officially Mr & Mrs. (Congrats!)

Once the ceremony had finished, I left Carri-Anne & Paul to it while all of the guests congratulated them both. We of course had to do the traditional confetti throw (With a cheeky kiss mid-walk) which is always a lot of fun to capture. Everywhere I looked people were having a good time, children were running around having fun, and guests were having a well-deserved glass of bubbly and appetisers.

Group shots were photographed on the lawn area, with the bride and bridesmaids having a lot of fun especially! When it came to the couple portraits, we actually headed towards a location just two minutes away from the venue itself. there were a couple of reasons why, for one it was a beautiful spot to use for wedding portraits, and secondly, the sun was so harsh at this point, that any direction we would have faced the couple wouldn’t have done them any justice. (It was so so bright!) Sometimes to make the best of a situation you have to switch things up a little, and both Carri-Anne & Paul were happy to do so. Later in the day though, once the sun was less harsh we took advantage of Skylark farm, and created some pretty cool images I have to say!

Once we were finished outside, we all headed back into the room where the wedding breakfast, speeches, and evening reception would take place. The rest of the day went by so fast and before I knew it, I was packing my bags, ready to leave home. I would like to mention the guests on the dancefloor, as they got pretty crazy at points, with buttons being unbuttoned, and chests being barred!

I would like to wish both Carri-Ann & Paul a lifetime of happiness together. I would again like to thank you both, as well as all of the guests for making me feel so welcome throughout the day. Christian, I would definitely like to work with you again one day, and thank you for passing along my details to couples who are looking for a wedding photographer.

Now scroll on down, and check out the amazing wedding, which took place at the stunning Skylark Farm ( I cannot wait to return!)

Thinking about holding your wedding at Skylark Farm?

As mentioned, I have photographed weddings at Skylark Farm, and know the venue very well. If you would like to talk weddings, then simply drop me a message and I will get back to you asap!


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