Yes, I am a wedding photographer for Northamptonshire and beyond, but I still enjoy getting creative in my spare time!

In 2020, I finally made the leap and started up my own YouTube channel. During my spare time, I am finding this the perfect way to keep me active, and ultimately keep the creative juices flowing.

Being a wedding photographer will always be my primary passion in life, but as you may well know, weddings throughout 2020 were put on halt for pretty much most of the year. Or wedding numbers had to be reduced, which meant that a lot of couples moved their weddings to 2021 and beyond.

I will continue to keep creating content, and I have a ton of ideas that I will at some point, record, and share with you all. Once the lockdown has been lifted, I will be back out there with my camera in hand, and I cannot wait!

Creating video content is a heck of a lot different from photography, but with every video, I am learning new techniques, and have even upgraded some of my recording equipment. (I do plan to upgrade my audio this coming February and have been told the Sony TX650 is perfect for the job!) I also use two different cameras now, one being the Sony A7III which I use when creating content at home. Then when I am out and about I use the DJI Osmo Pocket, which is an epic piece of kit, considering its size.

Out of interest, have you ever watched any of my YouTube videos? If not, then you are in the perfect place. You can either click here to go straight to my official YouTube page or scroll down and watch all of my videos there!

Regarding what direction the channel is heading, I am not too sure, but as long as I am having fun, I will continue with it. Thirteen videos is not exactly a world record, but it’s a start, and I hope that you enjoy watching what I have been creating.

2021 weddings will hopefully go back to some sort of normality at some point, and once they do and I am back into full swing, the videos will continue to come out, but at a slower pace. So how am I finding it, creating YouTube content? The answer is simple.....I LOVE it! It is still a very strange experience talking to a camera, but I know that over time that strange feeling will fade and it will feel normal. If you are reading this and could drop me a subscribe I would really appreciate it!

An Abandoned Abattoir in the heart of Northamptonshire. Such an epic location for a photoshoot!

This was such a great location for a photoshoot, and I feel I created some really cool looking imagery. The original plan was to hold this shoot at Harlestone Firs in Northampton, but due to the weather we had to change location, and thankfully so!

After looking online for abandoned buildings in and around Northamptonshire, the abandoned abattoir popped up in the results. As soon as it did, I knew we had to venture there. Yes, it was a little creepy, to say the least, but absolutely packed full of photographic potential.

I shall visit here again in the near future, as we barely scratched the surface on our first visit!

In every single image shown in this video, I was using MagMod equipment, which is absolutely perfect for helping control the light spill from the flashes. I highly recommend MagMod to anyone using their own artificial lights!

A Creative Photography Technique anyone can pull off!

Here I share with you a really simple creative photography technique, using just your mobile phone! This is a technique that I use when capturing Weddings. Who would have thought that a simple mobile phone could create such a cool and interesting effect!

Mount Snowdon, a must needed adventure!

During September of 2020, I headed over to Snowdonia. In this short video, I share with you a little snippet of a recent trip away with some good friends. Walking up a mountain at least once a year is always my aim, and in all honesty, with everything going on this year I wasn't too sure if it was going to happen. This is the third time now I have visited Snowdonia, and it never fails to impress me.

With its stunning views and pure natural beauty, Snowdonia is a pretty epic place to visit, any time of the year!

I did aim to make this video a little bit longer, but due to the weather, a lot of the footage was pretty much unusable due to the strong winds. I WILL invest in better audio equipment at some point, as audio is just as important as the video!

So I tried something NEW during August 2020 and arranged my first ever Photography meet up at Abington Park.

I have always relied on other photographers to sort this kind of thing out, and in all honesty, most of the time the meetups never went ahead! That's why I thought I would arrange my own meetup, and I am so glad that I took the step and did just that! In this video, I share with you some of the goings-on from the day, plus a little bit more!

The meetup wasn't about taking amazing photographs, which may sound strange. For me personally, it was more about talking photography, swapping ideas, and learning from one another.

As a photographer, I do not meet other photographers too often in 'real-life'. Most of the time I speak to photographers through social media. So when I do get the chance to meet photographers in the great outdoors, I always come away feeling inspired and motivated!

The plan of action on the day was to meet up at Abington park cafe and take a wander around the park itself. You may notice that I take the same kind of route as I did in another video of mine named 'A Photography Walk Through Abington Park' and I did that on purpose as I knew it was a great walking route, and secondly I had a huge bag of birds seeds I needed to get rid of!!

I do plan on organising more of these meetups during 2021, so if you are interested and wish to pop by and say hello with your camera in hand, then please check out my Facebook page for updates and information!

During these meetups, I am more than happy to teach you, and show you photography techniques that I have picked up over the years!

In this video, I take you to a few different locations within Northampton.

Admittedly it was a strange week regarding creating content, and you shall see why in the video.

In every single image shown, I used the Sony A7III & Sony 35mm FE 1.8 Lens, which is proving to be my favourite Camera & Lens combination!

Sit back, relax, grab a cuppa, and watch me as I head to a few different spots within Northampton!

The DJI Osmo Pocket is proving to be the perfect little vlogging camera that fits into the palm of your hand, and is jam-packed which epic features!

As much as I love the Sony A7III, for Vlogging I found it to be a little fiddly to set up and walk around with. So after some research, I came across DJI's latest bit of kit and decided to invest in it, and what a fantastic investment it has been! So sit back, relax, and follow me as I take a morning stroll with my NEW gadget in hand!

Recently, I met up with Lay it down, a new musical movement that is taking Northampton by storm.

Leon, the founder, is going from strength to strength, hosting all types of events in and around Northampton. I have had the pleasure of capturing a number of things for Leon over the past few years and will continue to help him.

In this video, I take you behind the scenes, where I had the chance to photograph a few members of the Lay it Down team! The Photoshoot was held in Northampton town center, which is surprisingly a pretty cool spot to hold a photoshoot.

Here, I take you behind the scenes and show you a recent photoshoot with Ady Aka Spookzville that took place in an underground car park.

My aim in today's video is to show you, that even if you do not have the best location, you can still create some pretty epic looking imagery, with a few simple tools and a little imagination. It's great to finally share with you all how I create certain shots and I aim to make these styles of videos more often. Youtube is still new to me, but I can't deny that it's been a lot of fun, creating content for you all!

Spookzville is one of Northampton's finest music producers and goes from strength to strength with his music career. If you are looking for a music producer, then he's your guy!





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Abington Park in Northamptonshire is a stunning park, full of photographic goodness!

In this video I take a morning stroll around Abington Park with my camera in hand, capturing some of the wildlife!

Abington park has to be one of the most iconic parks in Northampton and rightly so. It's a great location for all types of reasons, I have had the privilege of capturing Wedding couple portraits there, family shoots, and more.

Harlestone Firs, in Northampton, is one of my favourite spots to visit!

I also brought along one of my favourite lenses, which is the 100mm Macro! I have had the opportunity of capturing families and couples here over the years, and it never disappoints. I also visit this spot regularly in my spare time, as it's such a great place to unwind and get a plan of action together for the day!

Sit back, relax, and follow me as I take a morning stroll around Harlestone Firs!

Using just a simple reflection in a window, and one off-camera flash, I came up with something a little different which you could out yourself while at home!

Using reflections in photography is a fun, creative technique that when pulled off well, looks amazing and will make your photographs stand out from the crowd!

In this video, I will be showing you 'Three easy steps' to follow when using off-camera flash.

I remember a time when I was so confused by off-camera flash, but after learning this technique, I realised how easy it actually was and it was nothing to be scared of.

Using off-camera flash properly is a sure-fire way to make you stand out of the crowd, and I believe is an essential skill to learn as a growing photographer.

In this video, I share with you, my favourite Wedding Photography App.

If there is a tool out there that will make me more efficient then I will make sure to use it, as Weddings can be very full-on, very fast-paced and every minute counts!

This App has helped me on a number of different occasions, and best of all it's FREE!!