Close-up of two hands gently holding each other. One hand, adorned with a ring and a bracelet, is held by the other which has a watch on the wrist. The background is blurred, putting emphasis on the hands and jewelry. Image by Documentary Wedding Photographer Lewis Bishop Photography.

Some NEW changes, and the question that’s on everyone’s lips, that being ‘will weddings go back to normal in 2021?’

It’s safe to say, 2020 was a bit of a right off in terms of how the wedding industry was affected. We are now a few months into 2021, are we seeing normality on the horizon?

Can you believe it’s April already, where has the time gone! It’s great to see weddings are now going ahead, even with reduced numbers of guests. I loved the intimate ‘covid’ weddings I captured during 2020, but I can’t lie, I am really looking forward to big weddings again for sure!

From bridal preparations, to being on the dancefloor with everyone at the end of the night. I get a buzz just thinking about capturing the magic of a wedding day in all its glory from start to finish! It feels like a lifetime since I had the privilege of doing so.

Yes, weddings are hard work physically, and wedding hangovers will hit me hard (yes this is a thing, ask any wedding photographer out there what that term means. It’s not alcohol related, I promise!) but I am ready, more ready than I have ever been to get myself back out there, doing what I love most.

The BIG questions is ‘will weddings go ahead in 2021?’


I know it’s been very tough on everyone, from engaged couples to suppliers, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and ‘normality’ is just around the corner. So as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, weddings are now returning to a sort of normality, with limited numbers being allowed at weddings. Currently, as of 9th April 2021, you can have up to six guests, but from the 12th April it will be 15, and then 30 guests from the 17th May. June 21st is when the Government aims to end all limits on social contact, meaning you can have as many guests as you want at your wedding, and they should officially be back in full swing! (Visit the government website for a full breakdown of the rules.)

Documenting weddings, creating epic portraits, and capturing timeless moments is just around the corner, and I cannot wait!

2021 shall be the return of big weddings I am sure, and I have many weddings to photograph across Northamptonshire and beyond, which I am looking forward to so much! If you are reading this, and maybe considering me as your wedding photographer, I will be honest and say, contact me as soon as you can, as enquiries are coming in thick and fast.

I have learnt so many new photography techniques over the last few months, and the business is continuing to go from strength to strength, even during these testing times. I made another big change last month, which was to my business logo. My old logo served me well over the last five years, but I feel it did not represent me anymore as the wedding photographer I am today. Below is my brand new logo, which I am so happy with. It’s simple, elegant, and certainly looks more the part in my opinion.

I have also created many slideshow video’s for my social media and website, as I feel it delivers a much better emotional impact, and gives the photographs a little extra wow factor. As I have had enough practice creating these types of videos, I will now include something extra into my photography packages, which is a ‘Highlight slideshow’ which couples will receive around 5 days after their wedding day! Below is a little example of what I mean. What do you think to it? Think it would work well for future couples?


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