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A Wedding on a steam train – Wow!

Heather & James Wedding – Did Someone Say Steam Train!

Where do I even begin? This wedding has to be one of the most extraordinary celebrations I’ve ever had the honor of capturing. Picture this: a steam train!

When Heather and James booked me and shared their plans, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I’ve photographed countless weddings, each unique in its own way, but this was the first time I’d be capturing a ceremony at a train station and spending the day aboard a steam train. Combine that with a laid-back, incredibly cool couple, and it was the perfect recipe for an unforgettable day.

The adventure kicked off at Quorn train station, where I met James and his guests. Quorn station, with its charming vintage vibe, made me feel like I had stepped back into the 1940s. The excitement was palpable as I wandered around the grounds, knowing we’d return here for the evening reception. Watching the steam train roll in was a thrilling sight, and capturing it felt like reliving childhood dreams.

As the guests arrived and boarded the train, we set off for Loughborough train station in Leicestershire, the venue for the ceremony. The children were particularly enchanted by the train, their wide-eyed wonder adding a special magic to the day. At Loughborough, I hurried to the entrance to photograph Heather’s grand arrival in style – in two 1960s police cars, no less, straight out of the TV show “Heartbeat.” How cool is that?

Heather was radiant, her smile lighting up the station. After capturing her arrival, I headed to platform one where the ceremony was set to take place. The vintage feel of the station made for a breathtakingly unique wedding venue setting. It was especially meaningful because James worked here, so every staff member congratulated him too, making it feel even more personal and special.

With everyone seated and James ready, the ceremony began. Heather, accompanied by her mum and bridesmaids, looked stunning as they walked down the aisle. The joy on the guests’ faces was infectious as they watched the happy couple say their vows and become Mr. and Mrs. – congratulations!

Post-ceremony, the guests enjoyed drinks, we captured the fun confetti shots, group photos, and some creative portraits with the steam train as a picturesque backdrop. Heather and James were naturals in front of the camera, their affection for each other shining through every shot.

Next, we all boarded the train for a delightful journey lasting 5-6 hours. As the train chugged along, guests flocked to the bar and then to the wedding breakfast. The verandah at the back of the train provided stunning scenic views and became a favourite spot for everyone, especially the kids. James aptly described the steam train as a “pub on tracks,” where adults could enjoy a drink while soaking in the day’s joyous atmosphere.

Roaming through the train cars, I captured candid moments of guests enjoying themselves. The verandah, in particular, buzzed with laughter and excitement. We made a few stops along the way, giving everyone a chance to stretch their legs and take in the views, adding a unique touch to the day.

Time flew by, and soon we were back at Quorn station for the evening reception. The sun was shining, more guests arrived, and the celebration continued in full swing. Heather and James had initially opted out of traditional speeches and a first dance, but their friends in the band managed to persuade them into a lovely first dance, much to everyone’s delight.

A huge thank you to Heather, James, and all the wonderful guests for making me feel so welcome.

Congratulations once more to Heather and James!

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