Just Get Engaged? Next Steps to Take in Planning

I just got engaged, now what do I do?

Congratulations on your recent engagement! You’ve got a shiny new ring that lights up every day. You’re probably very excited and wondering what to do next. Thinking about planning your dream wedding can be overwhelming. But whether it’s a big party or a small get-together, the road to your big day is filled with love. Learning the first steps can make the planning smoother. From now until you say ‘I do’, enjoy every part of planning. It’s a special time that reflects the happiness of being engaged.

Key Takeaways

  • Start planning your wedding with enthusiasm, but don’t rush. Savour the beauty of being newly engaged.
  • Consider your dream wedding as a directive for the planning process, yet stay flexible as ideas evolve.
  • Make your engagement ring’s safety a priority by insuring and sizing it correctly.
  • Engage in conversations regarding the big day with your partner, setting a realistic framework for your joint vision.
  • Take joy in announcing your engagement to loved ones before broadcasting it on social media.

Telling Your Loved Ones & Announcing Your Engagement

After you’ve just got engaged, it’s time to tell your family and close friends. They’ve been a big part of your life. They’ll be thrilled to hear you’re starting a lifetime journey with your partner. Tell them in a personal way, like a family meal or a call if they’re far away.

Contacting Family and Friends

When announcing your engagement, think about your relationships. Meeting face-to-face is special, but sometimes you can’t. Then, a video call is great for sharing your news. You can see their happy faces live!

Choosing the Perfect Social Media Post

Want to announce your engagement on social media? There are many ways to share your joy. You can post a lovely engagement selfie or something creative. Maybe a ring close-up or a picture with meaning. Make your post special to share your excitement with the world.

How to Manage Your Excitement and Their Expectations

It’s exciting to share the news, but be ready for everyone’s questions. They’ll ask about dates and wedding plans. Keep some details private at first. This lets you enjoy the moment without pressure. Share more when you’re ready and enjoy being engaged!

Securing Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a symbol of your love and a precious asset. It needs careful protection. To avoid losing it or having it stolen, consider engagement ring insurance. Like your car or home insurance, it gives you peace of mind.

When protecting your ring, research and pick an insurance policy that covers its full value. You might add it to your home insurance or find special jewellery insurance.

  • Engagement ring insurance: It’s important to research insurers well. Pick a policy that fully covers your ring’s value. Adding a rider to your home insurance or opting for special jewellery insurance is a good idea.
  • Get your ring sized: A ring that fits well is more secure. If your ring needs resizing, do it soon with a professional.
  • Get your ring insured: Make sure your policy covers everything important. Keep all your documents, like the appraisal, in a safe place. Know what your policy includes.

Getting your ring insured is worth the cost for its protection. Making sure it fits well is also key to keeping it secure. Work with a trusted jeweller and use any warranty for free resizing. This way, you’ll keep your ring safe and sparkling for years.

Celebrating Your Engagement

Now that you’ve said ‘yes’, it’s time to start celebrating your engagement. This event is full of happiness and marks the beginning of your wedding planning. Couples all over the UK, from busy cities to quiet countrysides, celebrate in their unique ways. Whether you dream of a big party or a quiet dinner, it’s important to celebrate in a way that feels right to you.

  • Why not have a garden party with close friends and family? You can enjoy drinks under fairy lights. This not just marks your celebration but also thanks those who’ve supported your love story.
  • A quiet picnic in your favourite park or a night in with bubbly can be very special. It lets you both enjoy this important step together.
  • If you want something big, plan a grand engagement party. Find a venue, hire a band, and invite everyone you know. It’s a great way for both families and friends to meet before the wedding.

Remember, how you celebrate does not have one correct way. The most important thing is feeling happy and loved. Use this time to create memories that will add to your wedding journey. These memories will be treasured as you both get ready to marry. Now, celebrate this special moment and feel excited for what’s to come.

Getting Your Ring Sized

After saying “yes,” you might find your engagement ring doesn’t fit right. It’s key to get your ring sized quickly. This ensures it looks great and feels comfortable. Here’s how to get that perfect fit for your ring.

  • It’s essential to act swiftly after getting engaged. If your ring is too big or small, don’t wait. Some jewellers offer a period for free resizing, saving you money.
  • If you’re worried about the cost, there’s good news. Many shops provide a free resizing service. This keeps your engagement ring secure without extra costs.
  • Comfort is crucial. You’ll wear it every day, so it must fit well. A ring that’s too loose or tight can cause problems, like loss or injury.

A perfectly sized engagement ring looks better and feels right. It shows off its beauty perfectly. So, ensure your ring is sized right away and let your love shine through.

Enjoying the Moment – Taking Time Before Wedding Planning

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Take a moment to breathe and feel the joy of this new start. Savour being engaged without jumping into planning. This big step marks the beginning of your life with someone special. It’s important to take time to enjoy this new journey before getting into the planning phase.

Feel happy that you have a loving partner to share life with. Celebrate this time in your own way, be it quietly or telling everyone. This period deserves your full attention, without the stress of wedding tasks. There’s enough time to sort out the wedding details later. Right now, focus on you and your partner.

  • Relax together and discuss dreams for the future without the pressure of timelines.
  • Create a memory box with notes, photos, and mementos from your engagement period.
  • Plan a romantic getaway or staycation to enjoy each other’s company.

By cherishing these early moments, you lay a strong foundation for later planning. You’ll make decisions together more easily when the time comes. This is because you took the time to strengthen your bond. Once you start planning, you’ll find it more joyful, thanks to this solid base of love and connection.

Engagement Party Decisions

Throwing an engagement party is a great way to start celebrating. It’s the perfect time to bring together friends and family. You could have a small party at home, a stylish event at a venue, or a relaxed get-together at a restaurant. Remember, it’s about making memories and building bonds before the wedding.

Downloading Wedding Planning Tools

Begin planning your wedding with helpful digital tools. The Hitched app, among others, can be a great help. It aids with guest lists, budgets, and schedules. These tools make planning simpler, so you can enjoy the journey. They are your allies in the journey to saying ‘I do’, making everything less daunting.

Talking Budgets and Setting Priorities

Starting your journey to a happy marriage means thinking about your wedding budget firs first. You and your partner need to discuss money matters early on. This talk is key to planning a celebration that fits your dream without breaking the bank.

Discussing Finances and Contributions

Understanding your finances is the first thing to do when planning your wedding. Maybe you’re saving up, or your family has offered to help. It’s important to know what money you have. Talking openly about this will help you make a budget you’re both happy with.

What to Prioritise When Planning Your Wedding

Knowing your budget helps you decide on dates and what’s most important for your big day. Do you want a big wedding or a small one? Every choice affects your budget. It’s key to decide together on what’s most important, like the venue, photographer, or food.

  • Think about the vibe you want at your wedding. This will help you make the right choices.
  • Make sure your dream venue is something you can afford and is available when you need it.
  • Plan your timeline. Know when to start talking to vendors and booking them.

With your priorities in place, planning your wedding becomes an exciting journey. You can turn your dreams into reality, all within your budget.

Finalising the Guest List Count and Wedding Party 

As your wedding date gets closer, finalising your guest list becomes crucial. It’s about balancing who you want there with practical needs. Each invitee adds to the overall picture of your day.

Creating a Guest List That Feels Right

Creating your guest list is key to capturing the essence of your celebration. Whether it’s a big event or a small one, think about the atmosphere you want. Each guest should add to this feel. Remember, the size of your list might affect your venue choice. So, picking the list carefully helps keep your day smooth.

Choosing Your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour, and Best Man

Your wedding party forms the backbone of your celebration. Picking bridesmaids, a maid of honour, and a best man is serious. It’s about choosing people you trust to play major roles. These individuals help with planning and support on the day. Think about their role duties and pick those who can handle them well.

  • List close friends and family who must be there.
  • Think about their availability and willingness to help.
  • Consider their ability to take on their roles effectively.
  • Reflect on each person’s role in your life and as a couple.

Choosing your guest list and wedding party is important for your big day’s vibe and memories. Make sure those by your side are truly happy for you and enhance your celebration.

Envisioning Your Big Day and Wedding Venue Scouting

Embarking on venue hunting is thrilling. Each visit brings you closer to your dream wedding venue. It’s vital to combine your desires with practical aspects. This ensures your big day is everything you wished for. Here’s the best way to do it:

  1. Look into venues that match your vision in style and size. Consider what you want – maybe a rustic barn or an elegant ballroom?
  2. Begin your venue search early. Starting early gives you more options and time to find your ideal spot.
  3. Feel the vibe of each potential venue. Imagine your wedding there. Does it fit your dream?
  4. Think about the venue’s location, how easy it is to get there, and where guests will stay. These details matter a lot on the big day.

Finding the perfect venue is key. Taking enough time to explore options ensures your wedding’s setting reflects your love and commitment. Enjoy the search! I have typed up a blog on on how to choose the perfect wedding venue!

Capturing the Moment: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Getting ready for your wedding is thrilling, and amidst all the excitement, selecting the right wedding photographer stands as a pivotal decision, so make sure to check out their portfolio, and more. Your chosen photographer holds the key to immortalising every cherished moment, ensuring they remain etched in memory for years to come. click here to read my ultimate guide, offering indispensable tips and insights on navigating the process of choosing that perfect photographer who will eloquently capture the essence of your special day!


Starting to plan your wedding is as exciting as showing off the engagement ring for the first time. You’re on a journey to craft a day that brings your lives together in celebration. Planning a wedding turns your love story into a memorable event. It involves many steps, from getting the ring to planning the day, all filled with joy and significance.

Remember to enjoy every moment of being engaged as you plan. This happy time lets you share excitement with those you love. You’ll match your dreams with real steps towards your big day. Picking a budget, choosing a venue, or enjoying your commitment, let love guide your choices.

Take each step of planning calmly and thoughtfully. A dream wedding takes time and reflects you as a couple. It’s about strengthening your bond and managing details like tastings and bookings. Keep in mind why you chose to be together. Savour the beauty of planning your wedding together.


What are the first steps I should take after getting engaged?

First, share the exciting news with your closest loved ones. Then, make sure your engagement ring fits and is insured. Finally, enjoy some time with your partner to celebrate this special moment before you start planning your dream wedding.

How should I share my engagement news with family and friends?

Share the big news with your family and best friends in person or through a call if they’re far away. For wider sharing, post on social media with a picture or a message that feels personal and heartfelt.

Should I organise an engagement party?

Whether to have an engagement party depends on what feels right for you both. If you choose to have one, it’s a lovely way to celebrate with everyone and start the wedding journey joyfully.

When should I start creating my wedding inspiration board?

You can start your wedding inspiration board anytime. It’s a fun way to explore what you both love for your big day. Use Pinterest or apps for wedding planning to gather your ideas.

How do I secure my engagement ring?

Ensure your engagement ring’s safety by getting it insured quickly. Also, adjust its size for a perfect fit to keep it secure and comfortable on your finger.

How much time should I spend enjoying being newly engaged before starting to plan the wedding?

Take a few weeks, or however long you need, to relish being engaged. This period is for celebrating your relationship and preparing mentally for the wedding planning ahead.

What should be the priority when starting to plan the wedding?

Start planning by discussing the budget with your partner and family who may help financially. Knowing your budget helps choose the date and what wedding aspects matter most to you.

How do I finalise the guest count and choose my wedding party?

Think about your wedding’s size and budget to decide on the guest count. Pick your wedding party based on those you feel must be at your side on the big day.

When should I start looking for a wedding venue?

Begin your search for a venue early, especially if you have a specific season or date in mind. Early planning helps find a venue that fits your vision, guest needs, and other requirements.

How can I manage expectations when announcing my engagement?

Announce your engagement joyfully but keep wedding details vague to avoid setting expectations. You can always say “We’re still working out the plans” when asked about your wedding details.

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