Looking for Wedding venues in Northamptonshire? Then Dodmoor House may be the perfect barn wedding venue for you!

Dodmoor House is fast becoming one of my favourite wedding venues in Northamptonshire. Full of character and charm, it's sure to put a smile on your face. I know this venue well as I have photographed a wedding here, and when I say it is stunning, I really do mean it.

Dodmoor House is the perfect location for a barn-style wedding and your guests will be wowed by the stunning grounds, as well as the barns. Dodmoor House pride themselves on helping you create your perfect wedding by doing things your way, with so much flexibility.


A romantic converted barn wedding venue in Northamptonshire

Dodmoor House really does have that 'WOW' factor!


Why Dodmoor House is Perfect for Wedding Photography

From a wedding photographer's point of view, the great thing about Dodmoor House is that there is so much variety to the venue. Some venues can be quite limited in terms of the amount of space available and this can sometimes mean that you end up taking similar photographs each time you go there. This isn't the case with Dodmoor House however, as it has so much space as well as beautiful well-maintained grounds, I would never have to take the same photo twice.


Looking for a Northamptonshire wedding photographer?


As a wedding photographer, I pride myself on offering something unique, and I understand it’s not a cookie-cutter approach. It’s about getting to know my couples and understanding what’s important to them. I like to build a rapport with couples so we’re like friends, and when it comes to their wedding day, I can just blend into the action, with no awkwardness, or fuss.

Then using my skills and creativity, I love to craft authentic, creative images that help you relive the moments time and time again. Through my imagery I want you to see how much fun everybody had, and see just how good everyone looked, including you!

Documentary Wedding Photography that's Unobtrusive, Natural, Creative, and Fun!


Dodmoor House Wedding Packages

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Is this the Northamptonshire Wedding Venue for you?

Before deciding and booking your wedding day at this venue, why not book a visit with them. Have a good look around inside and out, speak to staff, get to know the place. I bet you will fall in love with it just like I have! Dodmoor House even holds it's own wedding fairs a number of times a year, and again I would highly recommend popping by to one. Check out their website, which is packed full of useful information!

In need of directions to Dodmoor House, Northampton? then check out the map below!

Dodmoor House's Address

Dodmoor House, Weedon Lane, Northampton NN7 4TA

Contact Details

Phone: 01327 341736

Email: weddings@dodmoorhouse.co.uk

Web: www.dodmoorhouse.co.uk