Horwood House in Buckinghamshire is fast becoming one of my favourite wedding venues!

During October I had the pleasure of photographing Matt & Kayleigh at an elegant venue by the name of Horwood House which is a grade II listed manor house nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire.

I have captured a wedding here before, and it was lovely to return and see Horwood house in all its glory again.

As a photographer, it’s a pleasure to photograph at these types of venues, because they really are jammed full of photographic goodness!

When Matt & Kayleigh told me during the booking process that Horwood house was their Wedding venue of choice, I was buzzing! The couple also chose to have their Engagement photoshoot there and have it during Autumn as it’s such a colourful time of year.

Meeting the couple on the day was an absolute pleasure, as both Matt & Kayleigh were laid back, funny, and very easy to get on with. Admittedly Matt said he was a little nervous and wasn’t a fan of the camera, but you know what you never would have guessed it at all, as he was a complete natural!

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Our time seemed to just fly by as we made our way around the venue, using little areas on the 38-acre grounds for mini style photoshoots.

What I love about engagement photoshoots the most, is that it gives me (and also the couple) a chance to get to know each other a lot better before the big day itself.

It also gives couples a chance to get used to the camera being on them, which in turn makes them feel more relaxed during their wedding day, as they know what to expect.

I would like to thank both Matt & Kayleigh for being so open and laid back during the shoot and just having fun with it all.

I honestly cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day next year!

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Horwood House is a charming hotel that is nestled in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside and combines heritage, comfort, and warm, friendly service to create an unforgettable experience.

Horwood house as a Wedding venue is pretty much perfect in my opinion, as it has everything you need at one location. I have had the chance to photograph here a couple of times, and it always impresses me with how charming it is.

I especially love the secret garden, which is great for group photographs, and also a great space for more intimate photographs, away from the guests.

As you can imagine, being a grade II listed manor house gives it a certain charm, that not all wedding venues can replicate so easy.

If you are looking around for a wedding venue and haven’t seen or let alone even heard of Horwood House, then I would seriously consider visiting.

The ‘Horwood afternoon tea’ is cracking, so why not combine that with your visit, or even consider staying at the Horwood house hotel!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Horwood house, Binghamshire