Daventry Country Park, Northamptonshire

what a lovely location for an Engagement photoshoot!

At the beginning of June, I photographed an engagement session with a fabulous couple by the name of Laura and John.

It was lovely to meet the couple in person, as we had been talking through WhatsApp for what seemed like a lifetime. Upon meeting them, I warmed up to them straight away; they were clearly a fun loving, laid back couple, and I knew instantly this photoshoot was going to be a lot of fun!

As the photoshoot date was drawing ever closer, we spoke about locations, and decided that Daventry country park would be the ideal spot for the shoot. For me personally, I knew this location well, as I have visited more times than I can count for family days out.

Visiting this time though felt very different, as I had to look at it from a photographer’s perspective, which made me appreciate this location even more. As I knew the country park so well, I understood visitors more often than not, tend to stick to the circular walk around the large reservoir. (Which is a lovely walk by the way!)

So when I arrived at the location, I headed in the complete opposite direction to everybody else. I did this, as the couple wished to be away from the crowds, so they could get used to the camera with no distractions. Doing so created a more intimate feel to the final images. As I mentioned before, I had visited Daventry country park so many times throughout my lifetime and thought I had seen everything it had to offer, but that could not have been further from the truth. I stumbled across a stunning field about five minutes away from the car park, which I never knew existed. As soon as I came across it, I knew it was perfect!

Lady looking at man smiling
lady looking at man in a loving way at Daventry country park

As a Photographer, capturing weddings and engagement photoshoots in my hometown of Northamptonshire is always a pleasure!

The field was packed full of stunning buttercups, which made for a gorgeous backdrop. It may be Spring right now, but you could feel that Summer was just around the corner. The weather ‘was’ perfect….well at that time it was, but more on that later!

Laura and John in my opinion instantly warmed up to the camera, and due to them being so much fun, the images turned out so well, and so natural. I really enjoy capturing real moments between couples, and this particular shoot was packed full of beautiful, intimate moments. I feel so proud to have captured the connection between them both and cannot wait to photograph their wedding day in July at a beautiful location by the name of ‘The Orchard’ at Munsley, in Herefordshire.

lady and man walking hand in hand at Daventry country park
lady looking back at camera smiling
man kissing partner on the forehead in a buttercup field

An Engagement Photoshoot is such a great way to get used to the camera before your wedding day!

Once we had finished up in the field, we headed into the wooded area of the park, as I knew a spot that again would make for some lovely images. I knew this area may have been a little busier than the field, with people walking their dogs, and families who were out on bike rides, but I knew it wasn't going to be too busy that we would have to start and stop every two minutes.

Throughout the whole shoot, myself, Laura and John were non-stop chatting, which was lovely. I love finding out more about the couples who book me, and an engagement shoot is the perfect time to do so. The couple had so many interesting stories, from how they met to what their interests were, and more. I would love to explain how they first met, but that’s just too personal to put into my blog, but I can assure you it is really, really interesting story!

What’s great about engagement photoshoots, as for one it gives the couple a chance to get used to the camera before their special day. And secondly, for most couples, this is the first time they have every had a proper photoshoot with one another, which is more memories they can cherish for many years to come.

couple hugging, lady looking into distance



couple holding hands, showing engagement ring
loving kiss on forehead, lady smiling with eyes closed
couple hugging looking at each other during sunset

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The whole photoshoot flew by, and before we knew it, we had spent two hours at the park. I mentioned earlier in the blog about how beautiful the weather was, which it was to a point. Near the end of the shoot, it began to rain, it began with just a few spots of rain, but before we knew it, it was absolutely pouring it down, and I mean pouring it down. Within a minute, I looked like a drowned rat, and we all ran back to the car park laughing so much!

Laura, John, I cannot wait to meet you both again in July, and all of your family and friends. I just know your wedding day is going to be epic! If you need me at any point, you both know I am just a phone call or WhatsApp message away!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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Daventry Country Park, Northamptonshire