Hello! I'm Lewis, a Northamptonshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer.


My Journey started here in my hometown of Northants in 2015, I have since spread my wings and photographed at many stunning wedding venues across Northamptonshire, the UK, and also internationally. Being both a UK and Destination wedding photographer is simply amazing!

I never planned on becoming a ‘professional wedding photographer’, it was a happy accident and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It was during 2015 that a colleague of mine at the time asked if I could capture his wedding day. He had no budget for a photographer, and he knew that photography was a passion of mine. I have to thank him (You legend Peter) for asking me to do so as if it wasn’t for that first wedding, I may have never have taken the leap and become a Wedding Photographer.

My favourite things in the world apart from photography are travelling, cycling, eating good food, gaming, gardening, and of course spending time with my beautiful family! (I had to include an epic pic of my partner and son below, I would like to thank them both for the encouragement and support all these years!)


The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to meet lots of interesting people and get to create awesome photographs that people can cherish FOREVER.

I specialise in documentary wedding photography, making sure those real, unscripted moments are captured.

I work in an unobtrusive manner, documenting the story of your wedding day as naturally as possible with no fuss. I always aim to deliver unforgettable images so you can relive your experience time and time again. I also enjoy creating beautiful portraits that you can cherish forever!

My aim is for you to spend as much time with your family & friends so you can enjoy your day to the max. I promise I won’t turn your day into one long photoshoot! I mix in with your guests and join in with the day celebrations, making your guests feel comfortable around me. I can wholeheartedly say I have loved every single wedding I’ve captured, and feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I do, and it's all thanks to you.

If you have any questions, then please ask, I’m an open book!

“Absolute Legend, spent the whole day snapping photos; I know the guests and the Bride & Groom appreciated it. The effort your put into taking photos was immense! Can't wait to see them all.”


Candid photos are the ones captured when you, your partner, and your guests are simply living and loving in the moment. They matter. So much

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Treating people like your friends makes them feel more valued as clients.

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Photos don't belong on your phone. They belong on your walls, in your wallet, and taped to your mirror forever.

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“I love photography. I love the imagery. I love what I do.”